Marzenego River


The river Marzenego originates in the province of Treviso and flows into the Venice Lagoon, after a journey of 45 km. The river flows through dispersed rural and urban land uses with intensive agricultural activities. Urbanization and agriculture activities have caused the degradation of water quality and river channels have been artificially modified, which in turn has increased the risk of flooding.  

The MICS project will examine the benefits of integrating citizen science and river restoration activities to improve the Marzenego River. 

Nature-based solution

The nature-based solutions along the Marzenego River involve the creation of water storage areas, improvement of riparian vegetation, floodplain construction and channel enlargement. These activities aim to:

  • Reduce point and diffuse pollution;

  • Improve ecological connectivity;

  • Improve hydromorphological processes;

  • Increase water retention to help reduce flood risk;

  • Enhance recreational activities;

  • Improve community well-being.

Citizen science acitivites

Within the Marzenego River basin nature-based solutions aim to include the participation of citizens in addition to local authorities through “river contracts”. A total of 26 public and private subjects have signed the Marzenego River Contract’ to support the improvement of the river system and engage citizens, local schools, homeowners and farmers.  

Through MICS, citizens will be involved in the co-design of citizen science activities for monitoring water and ecological quality. 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824711.


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