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The impact of Covid-19 on MICS

The impact of Covid-19 on MICS Image credit: iStock\mammuth

The MICS team are connecting remotely with the project partners and citizen scientists during the coronavirus lockdown.  In work package 4 we have been having regular tele-conference calls with our MICS case study leads to develop co-design sessions for citizen scientists. We are keeping in regular contact with citizen scientists via email and phone. For example, in the Italian case study, we are designing citizen science questionnaires to learn about volunteer’s knowledge of environmental problems that can be completed at home. We are also investigating the possibility of holding remote citizen science co-design workshops using online platforms. Whilst we cannot meet face-to-face with our citizen scientists, the conversations never stop! Communication is a vital tool in any citizen science project whether it’s face-to-face or virtually, talking is really important for the success of any citizen science project.

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