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Thursday, 20 May 2021 10:20

Guiding Principles for Assessing the Impacts of Citizen Science

MICS has recently produced a science brief titled “Guiding Principles for Assessing the Impacts of Citizen Science”. This science brief presents six recommendations for developing the MICS comprehensive Citizen Science Impact Assessment framework that will help overcome the dispersion of approaches in assessing citizen science impacts.

  1. Accommodate a variety of purposes of citizen science impact assessment
  2. Conceptualise non-linear impact journeys rather than impact silos
  3. Adopt comprehensive impact assessment data collection methods and information sources
  4. Move beyond absolute impact
  5. Foster comparison of impact assessment results across citizen science projects
  6. Cumulative enhancement of the framework over time

The brief is available to download here.

The recommendations are based on a systematic review of impact assessment approaches, and empirical insights from past and ongoing projects in the field of citizen science. Led by IHE Delft, the MICS project team analysed 77 peer-reviewed publications as well as ten past and ongoing citizen-science projects to investigate how the impact of these projects is typically assessed. The results of this analysis were recently published in the Sustainability Science journal [].

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