Project Description

Tiny Forest brings the benefits of woodland right into the heart of our cities and urban spaces: connecting people with nature, helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change, as well as providing nature-rich habitat to support urban wildlife.

Earthwatch is pioneering Tiny Forest in the UK and is conducting a UK-wide research study to help us understand how these super tiny woods have the potential to be super powerful.

You can get involved in monitoring your local Tiny Forest using simple accessible scientific methods and submitting your data using this specially designed platform. Data will be analysed by our scientists to better assess the benefits these miniature urban woodlands can provide over time and between different forests.

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Current Project Impact

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Economy 22 Economy 22 Society 6 Society 6 Governance 25 Governance 25 Science 13 Science 13 Environment 27 Environment 27 max. 42
Total Score 19/42
Domain Progress
  • 0% General (0/13)
  • 0% Economy (0/31)
  • 70% Environment (21/30)
  • 0% Governance (0/43)
  • 0% Science and technology (0/39)
  • 15% Society (10/67)