Project Description

The Citclops project (2012-2015) developed systems to retrieve and use data on seawater's colour, transparency and fluorescence using low-cost sensors along with contextual information and citizen participation. The project is still active under the name EyeOnWater and data are still being collected.

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Current Project Impact

The following scores were calculated using a statistically-driven machine-learning approach, a type of AI that learns to perform a task by analysing patterns in data. This is an experimental approach to citizen-science impact assessment, and the exact reasoning behind the scores is not explainable. The scores represent a best guess of the impact the project is having in each domain. Scores are recalculated and updated when “View impact report” is clicked.

Economy 6 Economy 6 Society 25 Society 25 Governance 2 Governance 2 Science 37 Science 37 Environment 20 Environment 20 max. 42
Total Score 18/42
Domain Progress

Proportion of questions answered in each domain.

  • 100% General (13/13)
  • 100% Economy (31/31)
  • 100% Environment (30/30)
  • 98% Governance (42/43)
  • 100% Science and technology (39/39)
  • 100% Society (67/67)