Project Description

In this citizen science project of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, we would like to create an overview of where animals are roadkilled and what reasons there might be for this.

In the project Roadkill, we would like to collaborate with citizen scientists in many ways, because citizen science means for us an active collaboration between research and society, in which everyone can contribute expertise and is valued. The collaboration is on a voluntary basis and can therefore be freely designed.

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Current Project Impact

The following scores were calculated using a statistically-driven machine-learning approach, a type of AI that learns to perform a task by analysing patterns in data. This is an experimental approach to citizen-science impact assessment, and the exact reasoning behind the scores is not explainable. The scores represent a best guess of the impact the project is having in each domain. Scores are recalculated and updated when “View impact report” is clicked.

Society 30 Society 30 Governance 20 Governance 20 Economy 8 Economy 8 Environment 40 Environment 40 Science 16 Science 16 max. 42
Total Score 23/42
Domain Progress

Proportion of questions answered in each domain.

  • 100% General (13/13)
  • 100% Economy (31/31)
  • 100% Environment (30/30)
  • 98% Governance (42/43)
  • 100% Science and technology (39/39)
  • 97% Society (65/67)