Project Description

RURALITIES implements a whole ecosystem-based, knowledge-based a social sciences and humanities overarching methodology to deliver a multi-points expertise and learning framework supported by a network of RURNex actors and facilities which enable the effective capacity building of rural communities towards ensuring the sustainable, balanced and inclusive development of simplified socio-ecological systems (SIMSES), and simultaneously contribute to raise rural communities’ awareness on the variety of source-points driving climate change challenges and the related pathways to overcome or mitigate them. RURALITIES generate and implement a network of rural expertise and training centres’ organised in hubs, knowledge, alliance driven by a series of current concept encompassing smart-villages, eco-villages to name but these two, supported by a community of practice, a digital collaborative platform, a citizen-led network of living labs and a citizen science sensing monitoring framework.

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Current Project Impact

The following scores were calculated using a statistically-driven machine-learning approach, a type of AI that learns to perform a task by analysing patterns in data. This is an experimental approach to citizen-science impact assessment, and the exact reasoning behind the scores is not explainable. The scores represent a best guess of the impact the project is having in each domain. Scores are recalculated and updated when “View impact report” is clicked.

Society 14 Society 14 Governance 8 Governance 8 Economy 14 Economy 14 Environment 27 Environment 27 Science 7 Science 7 max. 42
Total Score 14/42
Domain Progress

Proportion of questions answered in each domain.

  • 38% General (5/13)
  • 97% Economy (30/31)
  • 0% Environment (0/30)
  • 0% Governance (0/43)
  • 0% Science and technology (0/39)
  • 0% Society (0/67)