Project Description

Europe's metropolitan areas are increasingly suffering from the effects of climate change. Prolonged heat waves pose a threat to the health of the population. The EU-funded project CityCLIM aims to develop a cloud-based platform that provides various weather and climate services specifically for metropolitan areas, based on advanced weather forecast models enhanced with data from emerging data sources, such as satellite data (e.g., Copernicus data) and data generated by Citizen Science approaches for Urban Climate Monitoring. 

To make the envisaged weather and climate services as application-oriented as possible, the project will be carried out in close cooperation with city administration and citizen scientists in four pilot cities: Karlsruhe in Germany, the city of Luxembourg, Valencia in Spain and Thessaloniki in Greece.

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Current Project Impact

The following scores were calculated using a statistically-driven machine-learning approach, a type of AI that learns to perform a task by analysing patterns in data. This is an experimental approach to citizen-science impact assessment, and the exact reasoning behind the scores is not explainable. The scores represent a best guess of the impact the project is having in each domain. Scores are recalculated and updated when “View impact report” is clicked.

Society 13 Society 13 Governance 6 Governance 6 Economy 11 Economy 11 Environment 28 Environment 28 Science 11 Science 11 max. 42
Total Score 14/42
Domain Progress

Proportion of questions answered in each domain.

  • 100% General (13/13)
  • 100% Economy (31/31)
  • 100% Environment (30/30)
  • 100% Governance (43/43)
  • 100% Science and technology (39/39)
  • 100% Society (67/67)